News: Digital Media Is Majority Of Sales In Gaming

Hi there! I’m Dr. Craigheadpro and it seems that Digital media is dominating physical media more and more each year. A study by EEDAR that is sitting on has shown the growth spurts in yearly intervals happening with digital and physical media. This is only a console based study. For PC digital media is by far the successor. However if you look at the different color bars and you’re confused. Here’s what they represent the blue is digital only sales Grey is the sales margin within the first 90 days of release that is both digital and physical and finally the orange represents physical media. If you take a look at the percentages physical media is taking a even larger dive. On the consoles triple A games take up the majority of sales.
 Digital sales take up roughly 66% of video game sales on the consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Wii-U…. albeit a very small margin for the Wii-U. Since 2008 game developers that publish yearly content have seen most prefer digital download. This my friends means that digital media is the future. However buying digital media has risks that physical media does not. Such as refunds. Try getting your money back from Sony or Microsoft. It just won’t happen. However Valve’s Steam has ushered in new ground work for digital media sales by offering refunds given you haven’t played the game long and strongly dislike it.

Also on the other front of DRM which is digital rights management GOG sells DRM free video games to PC users for those who like to enjoy their games without worry of DRM lockouts. A quick reminder for those PC users. The Steam summer sale is here… please enjoy the cheap games or lock up your debit cards. I’m Dr. Craigheadpro and I’ll catch you next time.  


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