No Man’s Sky Gameplay E3 Demo Thoughts

After watching Hello Games No Man’s Sky presentation a few questions have been answered Murray claimed the game is a “universe-sized sandbox”, there are lots of space battles all over the universe between warring factions. One thing pretty note worthy was how mother f’n big this game is.  Sean Murry says in a statement atContinue reading “No Man’s Sky Gameplay E3 Demo Thoughts”


Would You Buy A Stand Alone Joker Game

Since Batman: Arkham Knight is coming out June 23, 2015 Roshu and Rumandapples think about a Joker stand alone game and some truly odd and weird funny suggestions ensue. Leave your thoughts in the comments if you have ideas for a stand alone Joker game.  Batman: Arkham Knight is an upcoming action-adventure video game beingContinue reading “Would You Buy A Stand Alone Joker Game”

Farming Simulator 2015 XboxOne Review

Here I give you my thoughts on Farming Simulator 2015 for the XboxOne edition, and I explain that the most biggest change to this game and difficult part to get use to will be the controls changing from pc to console. Also that this is a very niche game and can become very tedious if you are notContinue reading “Farming Simulator 2015 XboxOne Review”

Indie Game Impact Winter is Looking Compelling

Created by Mojo Bones and coming soon to steam greenlight is Impact Winter! The game features randomized elements like weather, scavenge sites, even story events that will require you to make significant choices at times as you play through the game. This system should keep the story attention grabbing and unique enough for each playerContinue reading “Indie Game Impact Winter is Looking Compelling”

Editorial: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC Review

First lets start of with some history. The Witcher is a game based on a series of short stories and novels wrote by Andrzej Sapkowski hope I got that name right. The Witcher has also had it’s own movie and television series, video game series and of course a graphic novel. However in 1996 aContinue reading “Editorial: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC Review”

Editorial: Why Hatred is an Equal Opportunity Offender

There has been discussion about why Kill The Faggot was taken down from Steam Greenlight yet Hatred is allowed to remain. This is not fucking rocket science folks. Hatred is a game about killing everyone. Kill The Faggot is about killing homosexual people in a distasteful manner. Comparing the two is like comparing bananas toContinue reading “Editorial: Why Hatred is an Equal Opportunity Offender”

Editorial: Overkill The Walking Dead Game Should Be Good

This will be the first Walking Dead video game to feature cooperative play so that is good right? With Overkill Software and Starbreeze Studios covering it there is a good chance it will be The Walking Dead game most of us want and it possibly ties into Payday 2 as well. Rob Kirkman says. “IContinue reading “Editorial: Overkill The Walking Dead Game Should Be Good”

Editorial: Valve Allowing Devs to Ban Players & Currency Glitch Thoughts

Valve anti cheat software may not be enough anymore. Valve is currently allowing Devs to ban players that are malicious or disruptive players you know like cheating in multiplayer games and the like which it looks like this is more directed at.  Valve released a statement. “Game developers inform Valve when a disruptive player hasContinue reading “Editorial: Valve Allowing Devs to Ban Players & Currency Glitch Thoughts”

Editorial: Retro Game Flashbacks

Retro gaming has been a long standing staple in many of gamers lives for a long time. It’s understandable why we are so closely connected to the nostalgia and memories from our childhood classics, to forgotten relics of pure fun much like Mario.  As much as we love these games we must remember that tooContinue reading “Editorial: Retro Game Flashbacks”