Editorial: Pleasing People Isn’t A GTN Gaming Tech News Thing

Hi! I’m Craig and I’m the owner GTN Gaming Tech News. I just want to be clear and frank about what this website is for and what it offers you. GTN strives to be an honest publication that only posts about relevant and important things about the tech or video game industry. Being an avidContinue reading “Editorial: Pleasing People Isn’t A GTN Gaming Tech News Thing”


Editorial: Evolve is DLC Madness

Turtle Rock Studios game Evolve has been met with lots of rightful gamer backlash when it comes to the outrageous DLC content. With 44 different DLC items, mostly new skins. Evolve offers a regular version for $60 and a deluxe version for $80 which includes the season pass. There are 40 different items available viaContinue reading “Editorial: Evolve is DLC Madness”

Editorial: PS4 Is Selling Like Wild Fire! Why?

The PlayStation 4 is selling like crazy right now. If you don’t know they sold over 10 million units. They are doing quite well. For a console to be. The PlayStation 3 (at this cycle time) and the PlayStation 4 has sold 10 million it’s sold more than that. I don’t quite know the numbers.Continue reading “Editorial: PS4 Is Selling Like Wild Fire! Why?”

Editorial – We Can Change Gaming For The Better

Rumandapples takes a break from his weekly show to bring to you a sit down of analysis/critique on the gaming industry and community. The video game industry is changing in a bad way as of late and with it comes the support of gamers who support bad practices and give in to the hype andContinue reading “Editorial – We Can Change Gaming For The Better”