Westeros: Total War: A New Beginning – House Stannis part1

I jump into the world of Westeros as House Stannis in part one of my Westeros Total war A New Beginnings campaign . We build an army and mark onto a city of House Joeffery and begin trade with other houses. This is a Medieval II Total War submod based on the Game of ThronesContinue reading “Westeros: Total War: A New Beginning – House Stannis part1”

Hatred: Civilians on Fire & Human Shields Wuuuuuu!

I was mother f’n blazed on the hanging out on the nimbus clouds when I decided to record some good ol’ HATRED! Yes the lovely game people are winging on about. This is the first of many gameplays featuring the ultra violent game Hatred from Destructive Creations. Watch it for yourself it’s more B movieContinue reading “Hatred: Civilians on Fire & Human Shields Wuuuuuu!”

Gameplay: Payday 2 – The Meltdown Heist

Back again for another attempt with a marvelous success at Meltdown the newest heist from Payday 2. This time we are going to use the car because forklifts are slow and for anyone who plays this game. Cloakers are bad KILL DA CLOAKER!! More heists plus more in the future. Meltdown is the new HeistContinue reading “Gameplay: Payday 2 – The Meltdown Heist”