News – Star Ocean tri-Ace Developer Sold to Mobile Company Nepro Japan

tri-Ace will be making smart phone games now and no further information was said about the development of games like Star Ocean, Valkyrie or Resonance of Fate.
Source: Siliconera

How does this make you feel that more and more JRPG developers are favoring smart phones over the traditional systems? I personally don’t like mobile games. I’m big on PC and console styled games. Let us know below!

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News – Final Fantasy XV 40 Minute Gameplay Demo Showcased

Final Fantasy XV is said to have a demo that is coming out on Final Fantasy Type-0 pre-order and this could be the demo that Square Enix plans to release with Final Fantasy Type-O. Square Enix also said that Final Fantasy XV is about 60 percent done in development.

 Final Fantasy XV is said to run at 1080p at 30 frames per second on the PlayStation 4. No word yet on the Xbox One I’d guess it would be 900p at 30 frames per second. No PC version has been officially announced yet but I am very positive it will come to the PC whether it be through Steam or streaming with Square Enix’s Dive In streaming service. 

Share your thoughts below! What do you think of Final Fantasy XV? Will you be picking it up day one? Will you pre-order Final Fantasy Type-O just to play the demo? Let us know below!

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Daily Update – Rock Band Announced, Deep Down Details Emerged

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Feature: New Bloodborne Trailer Shows Off Story Elements of Bloodborne

What do you think about the new Bloodborne story trailer? Does it captivate you? Does it make you beg for moar? Moar blood to be borne? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Valve Says NO to Giving Away Keys For Votes on Steam Greenlight

Valve is no longer allowing giveaways of keys to procure a vote on steam greenlight. Rumandapples and Roshu666 agree with this new development. In all honesty if you have to give away your game to get voted up. Chances are it’s not that good to begin with. We understand that this could be bad for people who do have a good game that may be struggling with getting approved on greenlight, HOWEVER this change that Valve made is very good decision to secure to legitimacy of the greenlight process. 
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GTN NEWS: Bladestorm Nightmare Demo To Launch March On PlayStation And Xbox

  • Battle Tutorial
  • Variety of different troops types
  • A large variety of weapons
  • Different lead characters
  • Features troop zapping between units

Bladestorm Nightmare will follow the events of 2007’s Bladestorm: The Hundred Year War. Please note that Bladestorm Nightmare will only be available in a digital format for the PlayStation 3 for $49.99 while the next generation version will be full price. Bladestorm Nightmare will also be coming to the PC through Steam May 2015 no official date has been given yet to the public by KOEI TECMO.

So what do you think about Bladestorm: Nightmare? Are you looking forward to this title that has been dormat since 2007? Let us know below!