News: Zach Sharpes Launches New MMO Website "LUGO Gaming"

Zach Sharpes the owner of LUGO Gaming says the website will be focused primarily on Massive Multi-player video games where Zach can further the growth of LUGO (Level Up Game Over) beyond just the reaches of what YouTube allows. 

LUGO Plays is going to be showcasing the normal content in regards doing newer plays of games you guys would want to see and that will be replacing the first impressions videos. LUGO Plays is going to be a little bit casual. But it’s still going to give you guys my first impressions regarding newer games and we are going to be emphasizing a lot more news content that way you guys can be updated about news regarding the MMO industry. – Zach Sharpes

With popular MMO themed websites like Massively going down among others. I’d think Zach personally has what it takes to excel out there in the inter-webs. You can help LUGO Gaming grow by checking out the website or by following thier twitter to help keep you up to date on all things MMO.  – Craig Of GTN
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