News – YouTube Bans 3rd Party Affiliate Sponsorship For Video Creators & Blogger Users

Creator Credit: Rich Of ReviewTechUSA
Many large Bloggers and YouTubers not only make money from displaying Adsense ads on their videos. But also dive into affiliate or sponsor marketing to increase their revenue gain for their online business. The video up above features Rich of ReviewTechUSA talking about how YouTube really isn’t a great place to build your small business solely off of and how you shouldn’t put your eggs into one basket. In short you’re using the YouTube service for free and as such you need to play by their rules or get out. Many YouTube channels are reported being banned since YouTube changed their Terms Of Service with Paid Product Placements without really informing the YouTube Creators of such changes.

Creator Credit: ScrewAttack

Popular YouTube channels such as ScrewAttack that puts burnt in video ads in their videos. To identify the burnt ad in this video it is the first thing you hear about Destiny. Destiny is featured in their highly popular DEATH BATTLE series and that is affiliated sponsorship. YouTubers normally do this to justify the means that meet the ends for creating a top notch show. Many YouTubers use affiliate marketing because of the wide spread use of Adblock and truthfully there’s no one to blame but the people using Adblock themselves.

Creator Credit: Micheal Pachter

The video above features Micheal Pachter from Gametrailers answering a question about how ads effect content creators and what will happen if people ad block the internet. If companies don’t bring in a profit companies go away. Solely relying on Ads on the internet is a basic monetary principle for any online business. Somehow people feel self entitled and attempt to block all these advertisements but have no problem reading or watching the content that these ads are presented on. I personally weep for the species. As a note if you like a product, service or brand on the web don’t block their ads. Online businesses don’t do this stuff for their health and they need to have monetary compensation to provide themselves, staff and so on with a pay wage so that they may have food in their families bellies and a roof over their heads.

So there in lies the problem. Adblockers can’t block burnt in affiliate ads from a video. So burnt in ads helps the company grow. But now using burnt in affiliate ads are forbidden unless directly through Google themselves which hinders the revenue flow to these companies. Google if you’re reading this the answer to all your problems is to simply beat out Adblock and you won’t have this problem ever again. 


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