Feature: Bitpop Remix Of The Goonies II Theme Song "Good Enough"

Creator Credit:  Fond3ll – Fakebit, Chiptunes and Bitpop Music!

The Goonies II was originally released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in both Japan and North America. It was developed and published by Konami. Fond3ll is one of the more creative video game composer’s out there especially in the bitpop category. Fond3ll also takes suggestions for what song to redo next and you can message him here for a request.
The Goonies II Konami Theme Song
I myself have personally asked Fond3ll to create the Illusive Man Theme from Mass Effect 2 and Fond3ll did a hell of a job on it! I’ll throw that song below. Remixing songs in a bitpop from is a totally legal practice. It’s how cellphone companies sell those fake bit ringtones of popular songs to people and it is totally fair use. Much like how Weird Al Yankovic recreates songs using the same type of music that is familiar to the listener that is often recreated straight from the source. I support Fond3ll and I hope you do too. He’s very talented and I hope he explodes. 

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