News: Valve Shows Off New Steam Machines On The Steam Store

Valves Steam Machine models can be found below. These steam machines are listed on the Steam store and vary from 450 dollars to 5,000 dollars. I still believe building a PC is the way better option and I’ll continue to go into that topic below.
  1. Alienware Steam Machine
  2. Alternate Steam Machine
  3. Asus ROG GR8S
  4. Digital Storm Eclipse Steam Machine
  5. Falcon Northwest Tiki Steam Machine
  6. Gigabyte BRIX Pro
  7. iBuyPower SBX
  8. Maingear Drift
  9. Steam Machine
  10. NextBox
  11. Origin Omega Steam Machine
  12. Scan 3XS ST Steam Machine
  13. Syber Steam Machine
  14. Webhallen S15-01
  15. Zotac Steam Machine SN970

So you think you want to get a Steam Machine? I highly suggest you do not. Building a PC is a way more cost effective way to go. You’re able to choose the parts you want to put inside and the quality of the parts as well. Also when you build a PC yourself you actually get more punch for less money. All the units listed up above can be built for cheaper at home and with less limitations due to it not using the Windows OS which is the most dominate Operating System. Why is this important? Well software is made for the most popular operating system first and then maybe a company might make it for the other lesser used operating systems like the Mac or Linux.

Valve Steam Machine
It simply breaks down like this. Don’t buy any of these steam machines. Toughen up and build one yourself. It’s easy and it’s not as complicated as other people have put it. Using a place like will give you way better results and will be free of the Steam OS. This for instance is a perfect build for cheap. That’s really all I got to say. – Craig Of GTN

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