Fallout 4 Relegating Last Gen Consoles

Fallout 4 will never come to last gen consoles xbox 360 and playstation 3. Fallout 4 was revealed last week for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will be set in a post-apocalyptic version of Boston and the surrounding Massachusetts wasteland. As far as a release date that has not been announced but we doContinue reading “Fallout 4 Relegating Last Gen Consoles”

1 Possible Good Thing About Assassins Creed Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate creative director at Ubisoft Quebec Marc-Alexis Côté talks about side missions and how they have been designed to reflect the fight for power in each of Victorian London’s seven districts. “In Assassin’s Creed we tend to be very generous with the activities that players can engage in, but one of the thingsContinue reading “1 Possible Good Thing About Assassins Creed Syndicate”

Westeros: Total War: A New Beginning – House Stannis part1

I jump into the world of Westeros as House Stannis in part one of my Westeros Total war A New Beginnings campaign . We build an army and mark onto a city of House Joeffery and begin trade with other houses. This is a Medieval II Total War submod based on the Game of ThronesContinue reading “Westeros: Total War: A New Beginning – House Stannis part1”

News: Digital Media Is Majority Of Sales In Gaming

Hi there! I’m Dr. Craigheadpro and it seems that Digital media is dominating physical media more and more each year. A study by EEDAR that is sitting on gamesindustry.biz has shown the growth spurts in yearly intervals happening with digital and physical media. This is only a console based study. For PC digital media isContinue reading “News: Digital Media Is Majority Of Sales In Gaming”

News: The Android Console OUYA To Be Purchased By Razer Inc.

Hello out there I’m Dr. Craigheadpro and Razer may be purchasing the OUYA. According to an article on Engadget.com Razer and OUYA are behind closed doors talking on how to make the OUYA part of the Razer product line. The OUYA which is Android based console was funded using kickstarter and had over 8 millionContinue reading “News: The Android Console OUYA To Be Purchased By Razer Inc.”


Hey Gamers! Guess what? It’s time for a public service announcement! I’m afraid I have been forced to do this due to what I’ve witnessed about the new upcoming title from Rocksteady Studios called Batman: Arkham Knight! Everywhere I look about this game all I see is “OMG SO AMAZING!” “OMG BATMOBILE!” WOOOOOOOOO! MUST BUYContinue reading “Feature: DO NOT BUY BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT GAMERS!”

Desura Parent Company Bad Juju Files For Bankruptcy

Bad Juju Games the parent company of game bundle seller Indie Royale and digital distribution storefront Desura, has filed for bankruptcy. Bad Juju, acquired Desura from Linden Lab late last year, was already behind on payments to game developers. Any further problems to Indie Royale could cause further financial for those waiting to get paid.Continue reading “Desura Parent Company Bad Juju Files For Bankruptcy”

How Bungie Helped Nepal

In April, after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the area in and around Kathmandu in Nepal, killing more than 8,800 people, Bungie is selling limited edition t-shirt, in-game shader and emblem for Destiny, with proceeds going to support relief efforts in the country. Activision even put some into the pot with a donation of 50,000.Continue reading “How Bungie Helped Nepal”

Steam Refunds Thoughts

Discussing the positive and negative possibilities of Steam refunds, and how they have been received so far. Steam refunds can now be requested under almost any circumstance provided players have  1. spent two hours or less with the game  2. owned the game for two weeks or less. Developers have started reporting stats, some claimingContinue reading “Steam Refunds Thoughts”