Mass Effect: Andromeda New Combat & Story Details

BioWare has discussed some details about Mass Effect: Andromeda, mainly in the areas of combat and story. When we come to combat senior development director Chris Wynn was talking to a fan on twitter and said, “There are some new elements that make it more dynamics, but overall similar feel to Mass Effect 3.” HeContinue reading “Mass Effect: Andromeda New Combat & Story Details”


Mafia III: Build Your Crime Empire

Mafia III is different. The game is set in New Orleans in the late 60s, the Italian mob are the antagonists or bad blokes in this game, You play as Lincoln Clay, a black Vietnam veteran who, on returning to the US, finds work with the black mob. It’s here that Clay an orphan findsContinue reading “Mafia III: Build Your Crime Empire”

Indie Game Vampyr News & Thoughts

Vampyr is a game responsible for captivating Rumandapples interest. What we know right now is… The player will take on the role of Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon that becomes a vampire when he returns home from the war. “Absolutely all characters in the game are potential victims of your vampiric lust,” the developerContinue reading “Indie Game Vampyr News & Thoughts”

Drugs in Esports is NOT Surpising

Drugs in esports…Yeah and gravity is real. How is this so surprising? Ever since one of the North American professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players Kory “Semphis” Friesen admitted that “everybody” does Adderall at eSports events. While this is clearly not directed at everyone who plays eSports and the statement seemed more in general of theContinue reading “Drugs in Esports is NOT Surpising”

Fallout 4 Pip-Boy & 2000 Bottle Caps

Lots of discussion about the 2000 bottlecaps given to Bethesda from a fan who had a idea we all wish we thought of, Roshu and Rumandapples also give some thoughts about Fallout 4’s pipboy actually being something decent considering it has a real purpose and use as it applies to the game itself. Bethesda hasContinue reading “Fallout 4 Pip-Boy & 2000 Bottle Caps”

Destiny DLC and Red Bull Promotion A Loser is You

Some thoughts and opinions on the recent pandering and painful shame inducing schlock known as the Destiny Redbull promotion. One of the bigger problems with this is due to a content starved game is having exclusive content locked behind energy drink purchases. That is a problem in itself, Destiny isn’t the first game to goContinue reading “Destiny DLC and Red Bull Promotion A Loser is You”

Destiny Continues To Insult Players With Overpriced Shlock

Destiny is continuing to show us it really takes its player’s for granted.The Taken King expansion launches with  3 different packages upon arrival on the Sept. 15t. It will be up for digital download at the hefty fee of $62.89 for players who own the game and existing DLC.  Another option is to get theContinue reading “Destiny Continues To Insult Players With Overpriced Shlock”

Rust Imperfect Character Models Are A Good Thing

The world we live in today has never been more image conscious. Many people in this world are bombarded by magazines, music videos, models photo shopping their bodies to make them more physically appealing (there might be a RumEtorial on this subject), video games, televisions shows, pictures, and many other forms of media and entertainmentContinue reading “Rust Imperfect Character Models Are A Good Thing”

1 Good Thing About The New Hitman

IO Interactive studio head Hannes Seifert has said some very good things about the way the new Hitman game will be priced, explains a bit about the decision of FREE DLC and no season passes. This is a very smart move to make with many other games riddled with insulting DLC. “There are other productsContinue reading “1 Good Thing About The New Hitman”