How Destiny Showed A Lovely Side of The Gaming Community

Joshua R. Stokell, 36, of Charlotte, NC, passed away on 8th June 2015 as a result of complications arising from a lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Joshua Stokell, who held a PhD in microbiology and studied Cystic Fibrosis at the University of North Carolina in the hope of making a difference to the lives ofContinue reading “How Destiny Showed A Lovely Side of The Gaming Community”


Horror Augmented Reality Game? Yes It’s Real

Night Terrors uses your phone camera to make a map of your entire home and then uses augmented reality to place ghosts and demons on your phone and in your house, the game will even scan things like art on your walls, so it can push the objects around and even drop them, with theContinue reading “Horror Augmented Reality Game? Yes It’s Real”

Top 5 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Will SUCK!

Hey there! I’m Dr. Craigheadpro and you’re watching the Top 5 Reasons Fallout 4 WILL SUCK! The Fallout 4 Vat System Sucks Do you really find it enjoyable when the game takes the controller away from you and allows use of auto aim? Where’s the challenge in that? If you don’t know how to aimContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Fallout 4 Will SUCK!”

The Top 5 Reasons Why Batman Arkham Knight Will SUCK!

5. Batman: Arkham Knight Is Rated M for Mature If you’ve been hiding under rock or you’re just a little kid. You have to know that the Batman Arkham series is made for the age group of about 5 – 15 year old premature little boys. Unfortunately due to how the bat mobile now hasContinue reading “The Top 5 Reasons Why Batman Arkham Knight Will SUCK!”

Titanfall 2 Thoughts

Respawn Entertainment has recently confirmed it has no plans to show off Titanfall 2 at E3 2015. With lots of rumors and speculation surrounding the multi-platform aspect, though there is some traction about a campaign, the possibility of another Titanfall with little to no story line whatsoever is very real. Most likely we will notContinue reading “Titanfall 2 Thoughts”


Hey Gamers! Guess what? It’s time for a public service announcement! I’m afraid I have been forced to do this due to what I’ve witnessed about the new upcoming title from Rocksteady Studios called Batman: Arkham Knight! Everywhere I look about this game all I see is “OMG SO AMAZING!” “OMG BATMOBILE!” WOOOOOOOOO! MUST BUYContinue reading “Feature: DO NOT BUY BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT GAMERS!”

Steam Refunds Thoughts

Discussing the positive and negative possibilities of Steam refunds, and how they have been received so far. Steam refunds can now be requested under almost any circumstance provided players have  1. spent two hours or less with the game  2. owned the game for two weeks or less. Developers have started reporting stats, some claimingContinue reading “Steam Refunds Thoughts”

Feature: The Evil Within The Executioner DLC Almost Gets a Thumbs Up

The Executioner will feature a series of battle arenas where the player faces monsters and villains from The Evil Within from a first person type hack and slash. Players will wield The Keeper’s spiked hammer (which oddly looks like a ban hammer) and earn new weapons and upgrades as they progress, learning more about theContinue reading “Feature: The Evil Within The Executioner DLC Almost Gets a Thumbs Up”

Feature: Man Loses RV From Nintendo Wii?

Fire investigators in Colorado Springs think that a Wii console is the likely cause of a fire inside a RV home this week, local NBC news channel KOAA 5 reports. Trevor Pellegrin told KOAA 5 that he was not at home when the fire started. Pellegrin said that the fire also had nothing to doContinue reading “Feature: Man Loses RV From Nintendo Wii?”

Feature: Capcom’s Business Model is REMASTER REMAKE RECYCLE

Capcom in a recent Q & A stated  “HD remasters of our catalog hit titles will be one of our key business activities …digital sales created new demand for these titles. For example, overseas download sales of Resident Evil HD Remastered in the past fiscal year were far higher than we expected. It is notContinue reading “Feature: Capcom’s Business Model is REMASTER REMAKE RECYCLE”